Why Smart Yard?

Better, safer products applied at lower rates.

A customized plan for your lawn, backed by science.

Licensed, knowledgeable and insured applicator.

Cutting edge products previously only used on golf courses.

Child and pet friendly products.

Unlike Our Competitors

We don't charge by the visit
We pride ourselves on safe, effective and high-quality products that may not require as many visits as the rest.

We don't use cheap fertilizer
Cheap fertilizer causes a quick green-up and growth spurt, needing more frequent mowings but then fades after a short period of time. Our slow release fertilizers will feed your lawn steadily for long periods of time. Our organic program incorporates true organic-based fertilizers, unlike some cheaper fertilizers that claim to be ‘organic’.

We don't use a blanket approach
Every lawn is examined and treated to meet its specific needs and your expectations.

We don't leave a mess
We won’t leave fertilizer on your driveway. All patios, sidewalks and driveways will be blown off.

Meet Shea

Lakeville resident

BS in Horticulture & Turf Grass Management

Husband and father of four

All Saints parishioner

Avid Iowa State Cyclones fan

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