Smart Yard does not charge per application. We do not believe that an application can be simply skipped, or simply added. Each program is built for the specific amount of applications needed. For example, a program with fewer applications utilizes a fertilizer with a higher percentage of slow-release Nitrogen and is applied at a higher rate, on different intervals. Review our programs below and contact us for a free quote today.

Program 1

Includes only granular fertilizer for quick and long lasting green-up without a flush of growth. Both pre- and post-emergent control of Crabgrass and broadleaf weed control are included, spread out over five applications. Includes free call-backs if weeds persist. One time soil test also included.

Program 2

Formulated with a higher percentage of slow-release fertilizer and a wider application window to only need four applications in order to offer a more cost effective option. Includes free call-backs if weeds persist.

Program 3

The ultimate in cost savings. You can have a beautiful lawn in only three applications with our extended release fertilizer. This is a great option for larger properties or lawns treated in the past. Additional weed control applications may be necessary on lawns with higher weed pressure - don't worry, we'll help you decide.

Add Ons

In addition to our recommended programs, Smart Yard offers several add on products that will help your lawn thrive. We can visit your lawn to determine which, if any, add on products could help your lawn.

Organic-based Fertilizer

Includes fertilizer partially derived from organic compounds.


Aeration alleviates compaction, increases Oxygen to the root zone, removes thatch, and creates a better environment for new seedlings to grow.


Where turf density is an issue, we can seed immediately after aerifying.

Driveway & Sidewalk Cracks

Cracks are sprayed with a non-selective herbicide at each visit. Free call-backs do not apply to this service.

Spot Spray Only

Selecting this add-on service will ensure that a blanket weed control application is not used. Free call-backs do not apply.

Wetting Agents

Although expensive, these products can be used in small areas to alleviate chronic dry spots or reduce watering.

Disease/Insect Damage

These services very widely and can be added on as the season progresses. An experienced applicator will be available to diagnose these problems and recommend the proper treatment. You will not be sold something you do not need.

Soil Amendments

Once the season starts, a soil core will be taken to diagnose any issues. Common issues are sandy soil and heavy clay soil. Amendments vary a great deal.

Mosquito Control

Want relief from our unofficial state bird? Our Mosquito Control services are available for one time applications, perfect for a graduation party or summer barbeque, or the ideal full season service to keep them away all summer.

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